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28th February 2020 | Optics@Satyam College of Education, Noida
OpticsIt is really good to come across Teacher education colleges putting in extra efforts towards building future teachers. Yesterday, on science day, we were invited by Satyam College of Education in Noida for a workshop on Optics, for their students with science background. Since these future teachers were B. Sc or M.Sc in the sciences, their interest and fascination with hands-on science, as well as reasoning through observations and concepts was very good, even though most people had never done any experiments with even simple Optics. So seeing reflection, refraction, image formation through curved mirrors and lenses, shadow formation, umbra, penumbra, rainbow formation - everything was new and exciting..... It feels good to work with bright eyed young generation women, in whose hands the future teaching of Indian children lies. Thanks to the College principal, Dr. Bineeta Agarwal, and the HoD of Education, Dr. Preeti Goel, this workshop was a great way to celebrate science day for us, immersed in luminous and beautiful science experiments, sharing the fascination with youth.

24th February 2020 | Density and Floatation@Lady Irwin College, Delhi
Density A session on Density and Floatation with student teachers of B. El. Ed in Lady Irwin College. We started with a lava lamp. After that, lots of objects made out of wood, metal, rubber, plastics, vegetables and fruits etc were tested for floating and sinking. But the next exercise was to use some means to reverse the floating behavior, which led to great fun and some very interesting experiments (like making a hole through an apple to see if it will still float or sink!). After intuitive explorations and explanations, came the time to establish principles like density (is it only packing density of particles we are concerned with?) relative density, the contribution of shape to finally establish buoyancy and Archimedes principle, through actual measurements. It is also interesting to observe the loss in weight of objects when they float partially.

Workshops conducted in the past

6th to 10th February 2020 | 5-Day Residential workshop in Orissa
27th to 31st January 2020 | 5-Day workshop in Puducherry
10th January 2020 | Astronomy@Heritage School, Gurgaon
7th, 9th & 10th January 2020 | 3-day workshop@Aditi College, Bawana
11th December 2019 | Electricity@Govt. Girls School, Tughlakabad Railway Colony
5th December 2019 | Astronomy@Sanskriti School, Delhi
4th December 2019 | Optics@DIET Daryaganj for Delhi Mentor Teachers
01st November 2019 | Electricity@SPM College, Delhi
23rd October 2019 | Taxonomy@DIET Daryaganj for Delhi Mentor Teachers
16th October 2019 | D.Ed. Classes for IAAT Students@Heritage School, Gurgaon
03rd November 2018 | Periodic Table
03rd November 2018 | Optics
28th October 2018 | Density and Floatation
13th October 2018 | Electromagnetism
08th September 2018 | Plant Lifecycles and Photosynthesis
18th August 2018 | Sound
18th August 2018 | Forces and Newton's Laws
28th July 2018 | Work and Energy
19th July 2018 | Geometry and Numbers
14th July 2018 | Force and Newton's Law
28th & 29th June 2018 | Workshop at Bhimtal
16th to 22nd June 2018 | Summer Camp for Teachers
1st to 8th June 2018 | Summer Camp for Children
01st April 2018 | Optics Part II
31st March 2018 | Entry into Chemistry
17th March 2018 | Optics Part I
27th January 2018 | Experiential Biology - Skeleton and Movement & Plant Lifecycles
20th January 2018 | Heat and Temperature
19th January 2018 | Electricity | Institute of Home Economics
23 December 2017 | Optics Part II | Workshop at DAV Uppal Southend Gurgaon
11th - 15th December 2017 | Capacity Building for Science Mentors, Delhi Government | DIET Daryaganj
18 November 2017 | Optics Part I | Workshop at DAV Uppal Southend Gurgaon
10 November 2017 | Density and Floatation
01 October 2017 | Sound
26th August 2017 | Sound
12th August 2017 | Biology Through Role Play
29th July 2017 | Stars, Earth and The Solar System
30th June 2017 | Density and Floatation
29th June 2017 | Force and Motion
28th June 2017 | Astronomy
27th June 2017 | Electricity
26th June 2017 | Air and Air Pressure
24th June 2017 | Optics
20th May 2017 | Optics
29th April 2017 | Force and Motion
29th March 2017 | Density and Floatation
27th March 2017 | Stars, Earth and The Solar System
18th February 2017 | Electricity