What we do

We have begun work with school science education, and hope to move to other areas of school education as we proceed further in our journey.

We believe learning science is possible with joy, stimulation and deep appreciation of natural phenomena for all children. We model this for middle and high school teachers, or student-teachers, in specially designed workshops. The workshops aim at capacity building and are typically 3-5 hours each, on one specific science topic. The challenge of deeper conceptual understanding is as important in these as the joy of doing hands-on science activities and experiments. The workshop progresses with lots of questions, concrete activities, careful observations and analysis-cum-discussions.

We aim to bring joy in learning in the formal curriculum, to build critical thinking abilities and a capacity for inquiry, deeper understanding and connection of formal education with real life. This includes freeing learning from excessive stress, anxiety, competition and comparison between learners. The aim is to take education more towards genuine empowerment of each individual instead of a tool for rejecting and damaging children.

Workshop topics currently offered

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Forthcoming topics